Vendor Overview

Trust Asset Service Company - Vendor Registration

Welcome to Trust Asset Service Company, LLC (TASC). We appreciate your interest in working with our team. Our approach to vendor management is to treat our valued partners as a true extension of our team, as without you, we cannot provide the exceptional services that our clients deserve.

TASC seeks partners who share our commitment for excellence, who wish to exceed client expectations and provide timely, quality services at fair and reasonable prices. We are looking for partners who share our passion for challenging the status quo and delivering above average performance in terms of quality, professionalism, competitive pricing and timeliness of acceptance and delivery. In return, the TASC Team is committed to treating you fairly, with respect and transparency, and paying you timely to ensure a mutually successful partnership. We seek long term relationships with our partners, therefore, never is a career made in one job!

Our Vendor Registration Portal was created to facilitate the vetting process and allow you to get credentialed quickly, so we can start sending you orders. The request for information is needed so we can comply with our client’s third-party vendor management policies and procedures. We must ensure compliance with their regulatory agencies, including but not limited to the CFPB, FDIC and OCC. These requirements pass down through all levels of the supply chain so that, once you are approved, we would expect you to have similar vetting procedures around your employees and/or independent contractors.

TASC will honor and utilize the criminal background check embraced by the National Association of Mortgage Field Service (NAMFS), our trade organization. For more information, please go to and If you are already credentialed, we will request your ABC# and company profile also be uploaded. If not, TASC will validate your information ourselves.

Thank you for your time. We look forward to working with you soon!

The TASC Team

To expedite processing, please have the following documents and/or information ready, prior to starting the registration process: