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The TASC Story

Steve George and Dale McPherson previously owned Field Asset Services, Inc., founded in 1995. Steve and Dale, along with Bryan Halulko, Brian Jenke, and a team of 638 employees built and operated a highly successful, nationwide supplier management company generating $400MM in annual sales.

Following the sale of Field Asset Services in 2007 to Toronto based First Service, industry leader Steve George then founded Real Estate Portfolio Management, LLC (REPM). In 2014, Dale McPherson joined Steve at REPM after the second successful sale of Field Asset Services to Assurant. REPM specializes in service-focused property management, non-traditional real estate loans, and both single-family and commercial property acquisitions. They, along with Bryan Halulko and Brian Jenke, established TASC as a closely held business dedicated to only serving the Trust Administration industry.

The privately held and operated company believes in rigorous quality control and innovative technology. We have a fundamental philosophy that delivering the highest levels of service will consistently result in the highest levels of success. This framework is combined with a legacy of trust and caring that has been the founding principle by which every decision and action in our company is based. We take the Golden Rule seriously and is it the core of everything we do. When practiced consistently, our selfless approach to business is contagious, because it builds both confidence and trust. TASC provides services on trust accounts to more than 30 of the country's largest and most successful fiduciaries.

TASC is dedicated to integrity, clear communication, and client satisfaction. We foster a culture of partnership that treats our suppliers as an extension of our team. We value our supplier's expertise and we are empathetic to the condition they face in the field. Without these trusted supplier partnerships, we would not be able to offer the exceptional service our clients expect. Our reputation is a direct result of how we treat others: Treat others as we would want to be treated.

About TASC

In 2018, the REPM executive team founded Trust Asset Service Company (TASC), a nationwide full service, master real estate brokerage, multi-asset inventory administration, maintenance, repair, construction, valuation, and title management company, specifically servicing the trust real estate and asset management industry.

TASC facilitates the solution and partnership that trust officers, wealth management professionals, and private banking institutions need to manage all their trustee and beneficiary’s asset administration and liquidation needs. TASC is a single-point solution that combines our 40 plus years of relevant business experience, a nationwide network of longtime providers, and the latest technologies to service our client needs. These management services include basic lawn maintenance through complex asset inventory, inventory control, valuation, construction, maintenance, repair, rehabilitation, and ADA conversions and modifications management.